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Synology NAS as an Airplay Receiver

by on Sonntag, 5. Januar 2014 19:35

The Synology DSM already provides quite some fancy ways to stream music (and even video) *FROM* the Synology NAS via Airplay to Airplay Receivers e.g. Apple-TV, etc. (see: Synology's Blogpost on Airplay).

However: unfortunately I could not find any out-of-the-box-solution or a (neither official nor un-official) package to use the Synology NAS as an Airplay-Receiver to stream music *TO* the NAS (...and play back via an USB soundcard).

All I could find were some horribly complicated instructions on how to compile that stuff on your own and eventually get it working. I have to mention and thank...

...for providing me some guidance. Since those posts are about 1-2 years old now, I guess newer packages made it a lot easier for me. In contrast to their approaches, I could now use...
  • a C-only fork of shairport (unmodified ;-))
  • ALSA instead of OSS for sound output (way less hassle)


My setup is as follows:

  • Synology DS1512+ (Intel Atom thingy) with DSM 4.3-3776. Should work with others as well - not sure regarding ARM/PPC/etc... (feedback welcome)
  • Audiolab M-DAC (A.10 firmware) as USB soundcard. Again: should work with others as well - however: you might want to check Synology's Compatibility List.


  • Apple-Bonjour enabled
  • SSH-Login to that Synology
  • A working IPKG (Hint: this link)

What do I have to do?

1. fetch needed IPKG packages:

> ipkg install pkgconfig gcc make openssl openssl-dev alsa-lib

2. fetch shairport
> wget ""
> unzip
> cd shairport-master

3. compile shairport
> ./configure
> CC=gcc make

4. Configure ALSA to allow playback for your user (by default not even root is allowed):
> echo "defaults.pcm.ipc_gid    \"root\"" > ~/.asoundrc

5. Launch shairport into backgound
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/lib ./shairport -p 5005 -a "Synology" &
Default Airplay port is 5000, which is also the alternative port of the Synology DSM. Can be changed using "-p" in shairport. "-a" specifies the name which will appear in Airplay.

Et voilà! Go to iTunes an try to use that new Airplay target.


Still a bit complicated to start and stop, but surprisingly this worked quite stable for the last hours now... ;-)

Next up: how do I compile a Synology Package... ;-)

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