Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2012

TrailRunner-Exporter V 1.0

by on Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2012 22:23

TrailRunner is a really cool app to track your sports activities. Especially if you use some GPS enabled devices like Garmin ForeRunner 305 (unfortunately discontinued as I realized just now :-/ ) or some iPhone Fitness App.

Unfortunately if you want to export all your painfully(!) acquired data you have to export every single activity manually. I don't expect them to add some kind of mass-export-feature in the near future since that would enable you to freely migrate from one of those tools to the next one (mass-import is implemented in nearly all those tools... ;-) ).

So I decided to teach myself a little bit of Cocoa and Objective-C and compiled some small Cocoa-App to tackle this. This might also help some of you out there, so I also decided to put it online: 30KB (from Bitbucket) for Intel-based Macs running OS X 10.5 or higher.

It's free and with absolutely no warranty - use as is and at your own risk!

Usage is pretty simple. The default location to your TrailRunner ActivitStore.sqlite is pre-filled into the first text field. This used to work fine for me but you might want to work on a backuped version. (...did I mention that this is one of my first Mac Apps? ;-) )

A lot of Garmin TCX-Files will be put into the selected output folder. One for each activity, so it could be helpful to create an extra folder for this. This files will look pretty much the same as when you manually export an activity using "Export" -> "Activity as Garmin-TCX file" with filenames like this: "2012-05-31-202942.tcx"

That's it! Feedback is welcome! (...e.g. I don't know if I got all measured parameters exported properly. Next to time, position and altitude I only tested heart rate and cadence.)

...and don't forget to support Berbie! ;-)

PS: next I have to take a look at these RubiTrack storage files...

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Works Great for me. Thanks!!

I've exported to TCX and don't appears time and distance, all the other data seems ok.
Any idea?

Still works great—thank you!!!!!! By the way TrailRunner Mini allows you to export all routes at once.

any idea how i can solve this problem: Error! could not write file after 10 retrys. please move old files out of the way.